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:bulletred: JOIN :bulletred:

1. If you want to JOIN to our club, just click on the JOIN icon on our front page.
2. In the reasons why/comments section on the join box put why you would like to join.
3. Then you must wait until a founder, or admin accepts you into out club :)
4. You must put our icon : iconxnaruto-fans-clubx : or our deviant : devxnaruto-fans-clubx : (without spaces) in your signature or in you journal.

:bulletblue: SUBMISSIONS :bulletblue:

If you want to submit any fan art of NARUTO:
1. Send a note with subject ART SUBMISSION or SUBMISSION with the link and we will add it to our gallery. Or...
2. Go to the gallery and click on the contribute art button. Pick a deviation from your gallery and submit. Or...
3. On the front page you can click on the contribute art button. Go through your gallery, and submit.
5. THERE IS A LIMIT OF 3 PER DAY, and 15 PER WEEK!!! If you submit more then 3 a day they will be rejected!
6.PLEASE READ THE "Where should I put this?" section below the Affiliates section! This will help you if you're confused about where to put something.

:bulletpurple: AFFILIATES :bulletpurple:

1. Send a note to our club with subject AFFILIATE with a short description of your club.
2. You must put our icon : iconxnaruto-fans-clubx : or our deviant : devxnaruto-fans-clubx : (without spaces) in your signature or in you journal.
3. If you are an actual group just click the affiliate button at the top of your group, and look up our name :)

:bulletyellow:What category should I submit my art to?:bulletyellow:
:bulletblue:Featured- This is the best of what we've got. If you think you've got it too, submit your absolute BEST Naruto art and we might accept it! Things that are expressive, well done, and make us say "Woo nice!" go in this folder. Stuff that won't go in here: Chibis, OCs (for the sake of not showing favoritism), 18+ art, most literature (unless we actually find time to read EVERYTHING) and no comics (for same reason as literature).
:bulletblue:Team 7- Any depiction of team 7. Team 7 includes Kakashi, Sakura, Naruto and Sasuke. It's unclear whether Yamato and Sai are actually a part of team 7, but pics including them will certainly be accepted as a part of team 7. If your picture includes other Konoha characters (Ino, Lee, Neji, etc) then it needs to go in the Leaf Village collection. If it contains characters from other villages (Gaara, Zabuza, Akatsuki) then it needs to go in "mixed villages".
:bulletblue:Team 8- Same as team 7, except this is for team 8. That includes Hinata, Kiba, Shino and Kurenai.
:bulletblue:Team 9- Same deal, includes Neji, Tenten, Lee and Gai (or Guy, however you want to spell it).
:bulletblue:Team 10- Includes Shikamaru, Ino, Choji and Asuma. Kurenai and her child may also be included in here.
:bulletblue:Naruto- Naruto only.
:bulletblue:Chibis- Chibi form of any character. ALL chibis must go here. Chibis are characters that have been drawn absurdly out of proportion for the sake of OMGCUTE-ness. Please browse this folder for examples. This CAN also involve things that aren't necessarily considered chibis but are so adorable that why not!
:bulletblue:Couples- ALL couples must go here, regardless of village. HOWEVER... pairings with your OC or someone else's OC in them must be put in the OC folder! Remember... nothing explicit!
:bulletblue:Uchiha- Stuff featuring people of the Uchiha clan. This includes Itachi, Sasuke, Obito, Shisui and anyone else from the clan. If it includes other characters, please don't put it here.
:bulletblue:Akatsuki- Anyone in the Akatsuki, including Orochimaru if he is included in Akatsuki garb or with other Akatsuki members. If he's clearly with Sound, then don't put him here. Akatsuki associates (Kabuto, people doing Akatsuki's work) may be included if they are clearly with Akatsuki.
:bulletblue:Cosplay- People dressed up as Naruto characters. All cosplay must go here. ALL cosplay.
:bulletblue:Sand Village- Anyone from the Sand Village. Depictions of the village itself are also put here. Also included are Sand Village stamps, icons, avatars, etc. Sasori may be added here.
:bulletblue:Leaf Village- Anyone from the Leaf Village. Depictions of the village itself go here too. Orochimaru may be put here as well as Kabuto. Stamps, icons, avatars, etc are put here too.
:bulletblue:Mist Village- Anyone from the Mist Village. Kisame, Zabuza and Haku may go in here, as well as anyone else with a mist headband. Mist country residents (like Gato and his goons) would go here too. Stamps, icons, avatars, you know the drill. Suigetsu can go here too until I make a Team Hebi/Taka folder.
:bulletblue:Sound Village- People from the Sound village go here. The Sound Five, Orochimaru, Kabuto, the village itself and villagers. Stamps, icons... whatever. Karin and Juugo may go here until a separate folder is made.
:bulletblue:Other villages- Villages not listed above. Kumogakure, Takigakure, Iwagakure, whatever! Young Deidara may go here, as well as other young Akatsuki. Non-shinobi villages would also go here.
:bulletblue:Mixed villages- People from more than one village go here. Gaara and Naruto interacting would go here, for example, or Akatsuki vs Konoha, whatever. The most recent events would also go here, since there's definitely a lot of intermingling going on!
:bulletblue:OC folder- ALL PICTURES WITH YOUR ORIGINAL CHARACTER OR SOMEONE ELSE'S ORIGINAL CHARACTER GO HERE! Don't put it in pairings, Leaf Village, Mixed Villages, etc. If it has an OC in it, PUT IT HERE!
:bulletblue:Literature- All written things go here.
:bulletblue:Comics- Fan comics and doujinshi go here.
:bulletblue:Manga Art Recolors All manga pages that are colored will go here.
:bulletblue:Explicit Material- All explicit material (whether it's original characters, couples, akatsuki, etc.) go into this folder. If you submit it to a different one it will be declined. The reason being that other members who wish to not see this can avoid this folder lol

Regarding crossovers: Crossovers are just fine, just be sure to put it in mixed villages, comics (if it's a comic, of course) or add it to the Featured folder, which is sort of a catch-all for things that don't really fit anywhere else.



Gallery Folders

Pre-Group Status Art
Sand Village
Sound Village
Team 7- Team Kakashi
Team 8- Team Kureni
Team 9- Team Gai
Team 10- Team Asuma
I'm sure some of you have heard this already but the Naruto series (in the manga at least) will come to an end in November. Viz/Shonen Jump have stated the final date to be November 10th. Whole article here:

This is only an end to the manga, the books will still get released and the anime is certainly far enough behind to give us plenty more entertainment to come, especially considering the American release is later than in Japan. As for us as a club, we will of course still be going as long as all of you have art to contribute! Let this last leg be a time of celebrating all of the things we love about the series, and let it continue in your works and your appreciation. That being said, to all who troubled to read this, please know that with the series ending very soon, there will certainly be a LOT of people wanting to color those pages and submit them to the group, along with related art work. I won't decline them simply because they are spoilers to non-manga readers, but I will try to put them into a spoiler-sandwich, as I like to call it, and accept some deviations that are non spoilers after admitting some that are, but some might get missed so be on the look out for it!

What is your favorite moment from the series so far? When did you start reading? What effect has this series had on you? Feel free to share it all! I started following in '04 during college so after 10 years of keeping up, it will be strange to not have it to read. Let's all enjoy this long-winded but fun manga that has been an interesting adventure!
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Hello there affiliate, I hope you don't mind the advertisement. If you do, please go ahead and hide this and I'll make a note not to advertise here again.

:iconkureifc:  and :iconnlknak:
 Contest Type: Draw My OC
 End date: October 21st, 2014 (Tentitive)
 Note: Everyone can participate, not just group members
 Prizes: Over $100 in prizes and growing.
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[Draw my OC Contest] Kurei's Birthday Bash [OPEN]:bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletorange:Draw My Oc Contest:bulletorange::bulletyellow::bulletorange:
Welcome, this is an anything goes contest with a purpose to draw my main Naruto character, Kurei.
There are additional characters included which you may draw interacting with her!
There is no set theme, while this is titled Kurei's Birthday Bash, any theme that strikes you is okay.
Alright, I'm interested! How do I join?
Goood question, it's fairly simple!
--- +Watch the group. This will help you keep up with updates of this blog as well as any information put into the group. Joining the group is welcome too, and encouraged.
--- Advertise this contest via a journal (you may use a poll but it must be in conjuncture with a journal). Then post a link here or along with your entry.
--- Get an idea and make an entry, then, when finished, post below with a thumb or link to your entry and wait for the deadline.
---------NOTE: You may enter all categories

To celebrate my character, Kurei's, ninth birthday, I'm hosting a fairly grand contest. Everyone is welcome to participate and/or advertise! I am also looking for those who would be interested in donating and/or judging.

Kind regards,

LM-Ilustraciones Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
thanks for requesting my artwork :)
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hy thanks for letting me join i have a picture with both young and older naruto and pain and orichimaru on one page where would that go 
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this user is an art thief and has been reported.
This work they stole:…
from this pixiv artist:…
please do not accept works from them and should probably remove any works they have submitted to this group.
Thank you very much! :3
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